I take a detailed approach to filming your wedding while seamlessly working alongside the other professional teams you've hired such as your photographer and florist. This will allow a seamless day and render the heirloom pieces you've imagined. 

I have an aesthetic to my films which exudes timeless elegance, stunning tones, and an editorial artistry that will last for ages. 

Capturing a curated wedding film, which allows you to feel all the emotions of your wedding day, while maintaining a perspective of your history. 

I'm here to tell your story.

Based in the historic city of Philadelphia, Abigail King is the principal cinematographer and visionary for Little Kings Media.

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Mother. Wife. Artist.
I named my company for my precious girls, Juliette (8) & Isabelle (4). Little Kings Media was born after I couldn't bare to leave them and return to a full time job. Becoming their mother has been my greatest joy and privilege. It was only fitting to name my work after them too. 
One of my favorite things to do is show them the beautiful footage of the couples I get to work with. I think it's inspiring to them to see other peoples love stories..
The thought and hope is that one day they will join my team and bring a whole new perspective to the wedding industry.



-yung Pueblo

 "LOVE is much bigger than RELATIONSHIPS. LOVE is the way you heal YOURSELF, the kindness you GIVE TO OTHERS, the space you HOLD for close friends, the ENERGY that changes the world. It's EVERYTHING that elevates the human EXPERIENCE and all the small things that make LIFE shine"

My dream wedding is filled to the brim with exquisitely curated design. I imagine a custom color pallet that carries through the day in the flowers or perhaps through guest attire, a dance floor which opens up to a light filled sail cloth tent full of greenery and coastal grandma vibes. Stemware and linen compliment each other while elevating the guest experience by taste of a chef driven menu and the sound of a live band alluring friends and family to hold each other tight while swaying to Frank Sinatra. 

a guest experience.

I'VE always LOVED

I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time I held a camera in my hand. 

I don't think I knew then just how much of a journey I was about to embark on or how many stories I would have the honor of telling over time. But I can say one thing for certain: I never get tired of this.

telling stories.

I'VE always LOVED

The nostalgia of groceries in paper bags, selecting flowers at the farmers market, and evening strolls with my girls. I know, I know... sounds a bit cliché, but I genuinely believe that the little moments are the ones to savor.

Bringing this mindset into filming is a part of my signature style. So you can relive those small details that may get lost between the big moments. This is how we romanticize our lives.

the little things in life.

I'VE always LOVED