I've been apart of the wedding world for the last 8 years and I can't even tell you how many times I've heard this regret. 
There are no two weddings alike, and therefore a wedding film shouldn't have a cookie cutter approach. You designed your wedding right down to the color of the linens and style of music preferred. You spend countless hours choosing flowers, food, and the right photographer to go along with the aesthetic you crafted. Why not have your film fall in line too? 
Connecting with couples is so important to me. I am committed to each and every one of you. My desire is to serve you and make the decision of getting a wedding film a no brainer. 

the number one regret in the wedding industry is not getting a wedding film

moving pictures

I'M abby! Girl MOM, filmmaker,  AND Loyal FRIEND

oh hey there!

I've been an artist my entire life and believe that God has given me this wonderful gift to create and share with the world around me. I am based in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my husband and our two lovely daughters (The Little Kings).
I truly love traveling (when that was a thing pre-covid) and meeting new people.
When not creating for the digital world you can find me doing art, playing games with my kids. and running with our dog Gus.